We are Key2

Welcome to Key2, the world's first membership that seamlessly blends a loyalty rewards program with a VIP concierge service, powered by cutting-edge technology.

We are the ultimate all-in-one solution for unlocking a better way to experience the best of both the real world and virtual world of entertainment, hospitality, and travel.

What We Do

We collaborate with the most prominent global brands to provide our members with unparalleled access to exclusive events and experiences, as well as top-of-the-line hospitality benefits and travel accommodations.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art software, we offer our members a seamless connection to our partners, allowing them to easily earn and redeem rewards for our partners' products and services.

Our team takes pride in creating and managing an exciting collection of dynamic events and experiences, both virtually and in-person, that are truly one-of-a-kind.

We also offer a carefully curated selection of extraordinary experiences, backed by our VIP concierge service, to ensure that our members receive the best possible treatment no matter where they go.

Key Differences

Resale Value: Unlike any other membership, our members can resell their membership with all of their rewards attached when it's time for them to retire from entertainment, nightlife and travel.

Resale Value: Unlike any other membership, our members can resell their membership with all of their rewards attached when it's time for them to retire from entertainment, nightlife and travel.


Office: 307.381.2553
6689 S Las Vegas Blvd #A105
Las Vegas Nevada 89119


Phone: +1 877-888-KEY2
Email: reservations@key2.io


Phone: +1 702-666-8671
Email: members@key2.io


We are happy to help!

VIP Concierge

Our VIP concierge service is a comprehensive lifestyle management solution that offers tailored recommendations and bookings for all our members. Whether you're seeking rare gifts or making reservations for hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, or memorable experiences, we provide access to the finest things in life.

24/7 Service
Our concierge service is accessible around the clock through multiple channels, including the Key2 website, live chat on the mobile app, and phone. Our members can make bespoke requests for recommendations or reservations at any hour.

Across the world
Our concierge number is available 24/7 in all countries where Key2 is operational. If you're outside of these locations, we're still delighted to assist you from our headquarters in New York.


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You can become a member by purchasing the membership level and city of your choice online via our website, using crypto or fiat currency, or you can purchase a membership at our dedicated physical locations where our physical membership card is being sold. If you purchase online, once you enter your mailing information, the physical membership card will be mailed to you.
No, there is no monthly or annual fee. Instead, each membership has a one-time cost that you pay upon your initial purchase of your membership. The only time there may be monthly fees is if you choose to pay for your membership by splitting your payment into monthly installments.
When you purchase and collect enough memberships within a given level, we will automatically give you the option to upgrade your membership to the next level. For Silver Key-Holders looking to upgrade to a Gold membership, you must collect 21 Silver Keys. For Gold members looking to upgrade to an Ultra membership, you must collect 5 Gold Keys. For Ultra members looking to upgrade to Ultra Plus, you must collect 3 Ultra Keys.
The city-specific Silver level membership is only valid within its city and burns after 5 uses, meaning that after you use you Silver membership to attend 5 exclusive events/experiences, it is no longer valid. The Gold membership gives you unlimited access to events and experiences and Gold level benefits within its city and gives you silver level benefits to other cities. The Ultra membership gives you unlimited access to events and experiences and Ultra level benefits within its city and gives you Gold level benefits to other cities. Ultra plus gives you Ultra benefits to all cities. The Obsidian level gives you Obsidian level benefits to every city, access to an exclusive mastermind community, and so much more. See membership levels for more details.
Our concierge service is available 24/7 via our mobile app, website, email and over the phone. You can use any of these channels at anytime to access our concierge service to receive assistance with whatever it is that you need.
Some membership benefits can be shared with friends and family who are non-members such as a discount on the final bill at the restaurant that you choose to bring your friends and family. Otherwise, the token rewards and coupons that you receive as a member can only be shared and sent to other members. Therefore, we encourage you to invite your friends and family to become Key-Holders to have the opportunity to receive all the benefits that are available to you.


Q3 - 2022

Assemble the core executive team. Raise initial capital. Recruit market partners in the major cities that we plan to launch in phase 1.

Q4 - 2022

Throw multiple soft-launch events for New Year’s Eve in our key markets introducing Key2 to the world. Form the perfect partnership with an industry-leader in tech that is capable of successfully creating the innovative digital membership, physical card and mobile app.

Q1 - 2023

Recruit a advisors who have experience launching successful projects in the tech industry. Develop the Key2 digital assets, mobile app and physical membership card.

April 1..th - 2023

We launched the KEY2PRE-SALE! We're only offering it to a select few with incredible benefits. When you join our '100k giveaway', you'll receive an invitation to our OG VIP event, double the K2T tokens to spend, and an OG logo on your membership in the app.

Once you purchase your membership, you'll receive proof of your transaction, along with a giveaway ticket that could potentially have your winning number on it.

Q2 - 2023

Announce our list of entertainment, hospitality and travel partners on our website to show future members examples of the assortment of places that they will be able to redeem their benefits and the types of benefits that we offer. Offer yacht charters and private jet trips to give the world a taste of what our membership experiences will become.

June - 2023

Launch our mobile app in the app store. Launch our pre-sale memberships on our website for early Key-Holders and provide them with special rewards for being part of the initial group of members. Begin developing our virtual entertainment city inside of TCG world.

Q3 - 2023

Select the physical locations that will sell our membership cards. Throw launch events in each city with the help of our market partners – artists, celebrities, event planners, nightlife managers, and others that we have recruited to be our local team.

Q4 - 2023

Purchase our first (of many) venues that we will turn into an exclusive Key2 lounge. Open the doors to our virtual entertainment city for the first time to allow Key-Holders to explore and begin earning Key2 Tokens.


Continue to innovate, expand our membership globally, formulate additional hotel, restaurant, nightclub and experience-driven partnerships. Deliver unparalleled experiences and benefits to our members, as we solidify our position as the number one membership program for all things entertainment, hospitality and travel.
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Curated experiences

Make travel planning simple for you. Select from our curated menu of experience packages or tell us your budget and what you like and our concierge will tailor packages personally for you.
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