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Partner with us and attract high-end clients who are ready to splurge.

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With our separate social media channels per city, rewards program, and concierge service, we’re the perfect cross-city marketing partner that will deliver you increased engagement, customer brand loyalty, satisfaction, visits and purchases worldwide.

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From nightlife parties with major artists and networking events to product release parties and charity events, we'll help you make a splash and showcase your hotel in the best possible way.
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18% Commission
KEY2 Commission
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Access to unique locations

As a business...

.. you have the freedom to choose which KEY2 members to target, providing unique benefits and exclusive deals for each Silver, Gold, or Ultra member.

.. we charge you no commission on bookings, ensuring maximum return on investment.

.. your visibility will increase because our extensive local social media networks, this will bist boost conversion rates. Don't miss out on the opportunity to join forces with KEY2 and elevate your business’ success.

As a service...

Key2 will promote your business, events, products and services on our website, in the Key2 mobile app, on our social media platforms and inside our client communication channels. Whether you have a new offer, event, product or service you’d like to share, we can notify our members and drop access to it directly into our selected members’ digital wallets.

Our Key2 Concierge will recommend members to your business, create travel itineraries that include your venue or event, and provide exceptional customer service when making reservations at your venue on behalf of our members.

Our incredible event planning and production team can organize our own Key2 events at your venue to create amazing experiences for our members and your customers.

With Key2, you have the power to unlock your business’ greatest potential.

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